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Pray with us!

MMCT believes that anything is possible with God. Our teams pray weekly, schedule quarterly prayer-retreats for times of extended prayer, and pray in the moment when they learn about the needs of the missionaries they serve. Prayer undergirds and overarches all that MMCT does.

We also depend on a dedicated band of prayer supporters — scattered all over the world — who bring our needs before our gracious Lord.

Would you like to join us as we petition and thank Him?

We’d be glad to send you the MMCT Prayer Update! Sent out eight times a year, this update contains both petitioned prayer requests and celebrations of answered prayer.

Please send us an email and we will add you to our growing list of prayer partners.

“I love receiving the MMCT Prayer Update. It is gratifying to learn of the work of God’s people in other parts of the world. I am glad to be able to prayerfully support specific activities of MMCT members as well as read about outcomes of events.” — Ellen