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Friends of MMCT from all around the world regularly support MMCT’s ministry through prayer and financial gifts. They share our vision, celebrate our joys and help us with our concerns. Their prayers, encouragement and support make our work possible.

MMCT relies on the donations of such friends to subsidize program costs related to workshops, crisis response and travel as well as administrative costs for office rent, conferences, libraries and governing board expenses.

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Specific projects for which Friends of MMCT generously provide funding include:

MMCT provides interpersonal skills and crisis training to missionaries with many participants coming from Newer Sending Countries. Scholarship funds are offered to those who couldn’t attend otherwise. Watch Philip Soale, Ghana, as he shares his learning from the Crisis Response Training workshop, for which he was a scholarship recipient.
Travel costs for workshops, crisis trips, team building consultations, crisis debriefings and professional conferences are a major item in the MMCT budget.