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Strategic Services


MMCT facilitates workshops that foster resilience for any cross-cultural worker, beginning with a focus on strengthening interpersonal skills. We offer specialized crisis care training for leaders and peer responders.  We also serve with shorter workshops on a variety of MC topics: Team Building, Transitions, Developing Grace-filled Community, etc.

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Our workshops and member care gatherings facilitate relationships among workers and leaders across agency lines. We catalyze the formation of caregiver networks in “hub” locations, which we then resource. These networks, which support one another providing member care, are central to our vision of resilient cross-cultural worker communities.

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We support Peer Responders as they serve their communities with practical care, basic assessments, post-crisis debriefings and pastoral care. We provide psychological assessments, brief counseling, direct crisis response, consultation or referrals.  We contribute to publications addressing member care needs and provide online resources.

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