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Discover MMCT

The Mobile Member Care Team (MMCT) is a multidisciplinary, inter-mission team whose name says it all: We provide a range of member care services such as training workshops, consultations, brief counseling, psychological assessments and crisis response for missionaries. And we’re mobile, providing these services right where missionaries live and work.

Proactive, compassionate member care like the kind provided by MMCT can build resilience among missionaries, prevent burnout and promote the resolution of team, interpersonal and marital conflicts. MMCT’s services can also help missionaries remain in effective service when they pass through crises like civil war, kidnappings, natural disasters, carjackings, armed robberies, assault and other traumatic events.

Our staff, all missionaries themselves, have backgrounds in personnel development, counseling, pastoral care, training and leadership in cross-cultural settings. Strengthening the missionary community for healthy, loving service in the midst of challenge, change and crisis is our passion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MMCT is the acronym for Mobile Member Care Team. MMCT-WA stands for Mobile Member Care Team – West Africa.

Yes, MMCT is blessed by a Governing Board (GB) consisting of nine mission leaders representing several cultures and organizations from across the world.

We provide training, consultation, brief counseling, assessments, crisis response, debriefing and catalyze networking for mission communities.

Through training, coaching and catalyzing member care networks, we build the capacity of mission communities to meet the primary needs of their members.  For more serious situations, we provide direct clinical or pastoral care or refer to other services.

We do not provide ongoing, long-term counseling, so we do not have a counseling center.  Our counselors schedule “mobile counseling clinics” in hub locations for 4-7 days and offer their services to that missions community.  When more intensive counseling is needed, clients come to us for a week or so.  We are blessed to use space in local ministry offices for these sessions.

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