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WELCOME TO THE MOBILE MEMBER CARE TOOLBOX: We are excited about the many resources God has given us to share with you!  The Mobile Member Care Toolbox is yours to access and use as you care for global workers around the world.  We’re starting with a core of resources and training materials developed by the Mobile Member Care Team over its 18 years of ministry and will expand the site as we collect, create, refine and translate more resources and training materials.

SERVING THE GLOBAL MEMBER CARE COMMUNITY: Our passion is to serve member care communities all around the world, so our toolbox includes resources in several languages (English, French, and Spanish among them), as well as links to other sites which provide resources in other languages.

WHO ARE WE? We are former members of the Mobile Member Care Team — but we’re curious to see who God will bring to join this project as we expand with more languages.